We Not I are an architectural practice with commercial and residential clients across Europe. In reaction to the vogue for architect-as-celebrity the company aspires to anonymity and operates in a ‘virtual’ manner. For example their central London office contains purely a state-of-the-art computer server and internet connection from which the globally located architects download files to work on, before uploading the revised designs.

Each employee including the directors have chosen to remain totally anonymous – which had a series of unusual implications, not least that conventional business cards were unacceptable. In fact the stationery has no printing whatsoever. Instead there are notebooks with the punctured symbol centred on a business card size page. The architects add their contact details by hand when required.

Since the puncturing displaces – rather than removes – the paper (as it would had we chosen lasercutting or die cutting) the design has become an architectonic solution, asserting space, and encouraging interaction by touch. It also has an enticing visual quality because the voids allow light to filter through.