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Conceived, written and designed by William Hall, Wood follows the form of its predecessors Concrete and Brick – presenting 170 great works of architecture in a handsome, accessible and covetable package.

Each featured project is represented by a single image and an extended caption. The result is a book that has immediacy and vitality. Architects’ will find familiarity but also a wealth of surprises. Creative people from outside the architecture world will find breadth of invention and beauty as rich as any discipline.

Each extended caption focuses on a point of interest related to the structure. A glossary forms part of the index. Readers absorb a huge amount of information – historical, technical, stylistic and so on – in bite-sized sentences. Like architecture, the whole is substantially more than its constituent parts.

Arranged to promote comparison, the selected works take the reader on a global tour of intriguing and inspiring structures: a Vietnamese village hall sits beside a state-of-the-art Belgian laboratory, an Italian anatomical theatre alongside a luxurious Canadian sauna and an onion-domed Russian church next to a fortified Japanese castle.

A fascinating essay by the bestselling author and naturalist Richard Mabey explores the close relationship between trees and architecture.

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